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A Herdeira

A Herdeira
A Herdeira A Herdeira 3.7 / 10 by 39 users
Title:A Herdeira
Original Title:A Herdeira
Created by: Maria João Mira
First Air Date: 2017-09-24
Last Air Date: 2018-03-31
Country: PT
Runtime: 45 min.
Genre: Drama, Soap

Language: pt
 Plot Keyword:gypsy, portugal, telenovela


The story of a girl created by the gypsy community but who in fact is heiress of a great empire. The woman who robbed her in the past now sees her future threatened. The return of the Heiress unleashes struggles of power and affections and a love to withstand anything.
Dinis Videira

Characters : Dinis Videira

Actor : Pedro Granger

Ramón Fuentes

Characters : Ramón Fuentes

Actor : Joaquim Horta

Javier Tiburón González

Characters : Javier Tiburón González

Actor : Pedro Hossi

Caetana Rivera

Characters : Caetana Rivera

Actor : Alexandra Lencastre

Roni Raña

Characters : Roni Raña

Actor : Pedro Barroso

Marta Viegas

Characters : Marta Viegas

Actor : Maya Booth

Leonor Domingos

Characters : Leonor Domingos

Actor : Matilde Breyner

Goreti Torres

Characters : Goreti Torres

Actor : Marisa Cruz

Candy Sofia Pereira

Characters : Candy Sofia Pereira

Actor : Carolina Frias

Maria do Carmo Alvarenga

Characters : Maria do Carmo Alvarenga

Actor : Lia Gama

Tina Barbosa

Characters : Tina Barbosa

Actor : Melânia Gomes

Beatriz Rivera

Characters : Beatriz Rivera

Actor : Mafalda Marafusta

Vicente Villalobos

Characters : Vicente Villalobos

Actor : Lourenço Ortigão

Madalena Alvarenga

Characters : Madalena Alvarenga

Actor : Rita Pereira

Joaquim Villalobos

Characters : Joaquim Villalobos

Actor : Paulo Pires

Soraia Fuentes

Characters : Soraia Fuentes

Actor : Sofia Ribeiro

Marianinha Videiras

Characters : Marianinha Videiras

Actor : Julie Sergeant

Zé Avelino Videira

Characters : Zé Avelino Videira

Actor : José Wallenstein

Ariana Franco

Characters : Ariana Franco

Actor : Daniela Melchior

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